Welcome to Steve's Steakhouse

If you’re looking for the best international steaks sourced directly from suppliers in the United States, Australia and Argentina, to name a few, Steve’s is the only place you’ll find it in Phnom Penh.

We want to know exactly where our steaks come from and how they get here so that’s why Steve’s steakhouse sidesteps the middleman to bring the world’s most succulent T-bone’s, Rib-eye and tenderloins directly to your plate.

The same philosophy is applied to local cattle and here at Steve’s we’re proud to rear our very own beef, fed with a rich mixture of grain, corn and grass, at a family farm in the nearby agricultural province, Kandal.

Complementing the naturally rich flavor of Cambodian cattle with tender western care and agricultural know-how, Steve has unearthed the full potential of the Kingdom’s underappreciated livestock.

Back in our kitchen, Steve’s chefs are dedicated to producing fresh, generously portioned steaks, ever aware there’s only one person who can judge exactly how a steak should be cooked – you.